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Basil essential oil : Stimulates It gets the name from the Greek word for King Basileus. In India..

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Geranium essential oil Geranium: Geranium: Oil (Relaxes) Geranium essential oil has a sweet, flor..

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Jasmine Essential oil ..

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 Lavender essential oil is the most useful and versatile oils, it brings a soothing and relaxin..

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Rose essential oil ..

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Rosemary: (Rosemariuns officinalis) Herb or oil (stimulates) Rosemary has a clean herbal arom..

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SWASTHA OIL ā€“ A 100% NATURAL MOSQUITO REPELLENT Quantity: 100ml+100ml Swastha Oil is a unique..

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Ylang Ylang Essential oil is also known as oil of "flowers of flower" is a deep relaxant, used also ..