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Benefits of Amla &mix herbs

  • This is not only helps to control sugar level but also gives relief                                from all complications of diabetic disease.
  • It increases immunity.
  • Works as anti-oxidant.
  •  It gives benefits of rejuvenating medicinal properties of Amla.

How to use: For best results mix the content thoroughly by tapping and shaking the bottle so that the starchy and fibrous material of the fruit and herbs at the bottom, get mixed before use

Shake well before use for best result.

Doses: - 20 – 25 ml early in the morning with empty stomach, before lunch and at the bed time.
Do not take tea at list one Hour after having it.

Technical name and product category- mixed herbal juice.

Appearance – Yellowish when mixed, separation of fibres and starchy material at the bottom of the bottle being natural.

Texture – Fine and Smooth

Taste - Dominant of Tulsi and Pudina taste.

Ingredients – Selected Banarasi Amla, Tulsi Pudina, Bel Patra, Ginger and Ambe Haldi

Consistency – Liquid

Packaging – 500ml heavy duty, attractive PET bottle with attractive 50ml PET measuring cup.

Raw material – Pure juice (Swa-ras) of Amla and carefully selected herbs like Pudina, Ambe Haldi, Bel Patra, ginger and Tulsi, etc

Self life- One year from date of manufacturing under sealed conditions by following storage parameters.

Quality parameters :
Pure juice ( swa-ras ) of herbs---100%
T. S. S (From herbs only)----------8% (+ / - 1%)
Acid added------------------------------Nil
Colours added--------------------------Nil
Flavors added---------------------------Nil
Class II Preservatives SO2----------0.009% ( + / - 0.001%)

Storage conditions – can be stored in cool and dark place of the room at 15-30°c or in refrigerator capped air tight.

Handling – Ensure prefixing cap air tight

Product specialty – Natural, without artificial colours, flavours and chemicals.



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Amla & Herbs mix Juice
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