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Rosemary: (Rosemariuns officinalis)

Herb or oil (stimulates)

Rosemary has a clean herbal aroma, has been associated since ancient times with love and remembrance, it is a vigorous stimulating and penetrating oil, in ancient Rome it was regarded as a symbol of regeneration    

A peerless stimulant of nervous system it aids concentration and induces clarity of mind

Wide range of essential oils are carefully selected and has its own specific focus of application, Use them to stimulate a pleasant mood to relax tension and fatigue, dispel aches and generally enhances your sense of well being

·         Useful in treatment of obesity, especially where there is fluid retention.

·          Controls hail loss and dandruff.

·         Eases burns and insect bites

·         Helps induces and regulates periods.

·         Improve blood circulation.

·         Combats rheumatism.

·         Eses lumbago.

·         Relieves sprains and swollen ankles.

·         Rebuilds the nervous system after long, intense, intellectual activities


When used in excess: provokes epilepsy and convulsions.


·         For bath: 10-15drops.

·         Inhalant: 3-5drops on a handkerchief or in a bowl of hot water

·         Compress: 10drops in 2 cup of warm water

·         Massage oil: 10-15 drops in a carrier oil-Sesame, Coconut, Jojoba, Almond, Olive

·         Diffuser: 10drops in a ceramic lamp diffuser, add water to 3/4 full

Always keep bottles tightly closed avoid evaporation. Natural Essential oils are for external use only and must be diluted with vegetal oil before applying directly to the body.

Pack size: 10ml.

Packaging: Bottle packed in a mono carton


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Rosemary Essential oil
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