Aroma Car fragrance hanging -Blaze(Lavender)

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·         Made from 100 % natural flower oils, Free from artificial fragrance and colour

·         Free from alcohol,  additives or synthetic chemicals, Non irritant, Eco-friendly

·         The fragrance will last for about 30 days

Directions for Use:

·         Remove the cap and plastic plug of the bottle, an replace it back with the wooden cap

·         Tie it on the car mirror,

·         The wooden cover functions as a wick - allowing the perfume oils to evaporate into the air and thus perfume your surroundings

·         Turn the bottle upside down to permeate perfume oil in the wooden cover whenever you feel the fragrance not coming.


·         Always use the supplied wooden cap for fragrance diffusion

·         In event of accidental ingestion of this product's contact seek medical treatment immediately

·         Keep away from children, pets and individuals with hypersensitivity to perfumes

·         To prevent damage to your car's interiors in the event of accidental spilling of this product contents, wipe immediately with dry cloth, then wipe again thoroughly with cloth moistened with water

Product weight: 10 ml, Origin: Haridwar in Uttranchal

Packaging: This product will be packed in a mono carton with bubble paper.

Jasmine (Mogra), Lavender(blaze), Sandal, Lemongrass fragrance diffuser are from natural oils, free from artificial color, alcohol, fragrance or any other chemicals.

Best of the natural fragrance to beat pollution all around, Its refreshing aroma keeps you peaceful and stress free, Jasmine (Mogra) fragrance diffuser is made with Natural Jasmine oils.

It is said that the smell of Jasmine is anti-depressant, relaxing and calming. Best to boost up your mood


·         Made from 100 % natural oils, Free from artificial fragrance, Free from artificial color an alcohol

·         Free from additives or synthetic chemicals, non irritant, Eco-friendly and lasts for 25-30days

·         Use the given double sided sticker inside the pack to attach the bottle in the car, etc.


·         You can place it in your drawing room, office, car, study room, bed room, dressing room, bathroom, etc.

·         You can also use it during wedding, social ceremonies, etc. to have a peaceful environment

·         Will be best to sprinkle few drops in your wardrobe and even use it in candles or diyas to get the aroma spread when lit

·         An excellent gift to your loved ones.

Directions for Use:

·             Remove the cap and plastic plug of the bottle and replace it with wooden cap(diffuser)

·         The fragrance will now get diffused in each corner of the house


·         Do not directly expose it to sunlight, Always use the wooden cap for diffusion

Product Dimensions:  10 ml, Weight:  44 gm, Origin: Haridwar in Uttranchal

Packaging: This product will be packed with bubble paper, shredded paper and corrugated box. It will not get damaged on the way. Further, if received in damaged condition, send us the photos within 3 days and we will send a replacement.

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Aroma Car fragrance hanging -Blaze(Lavender)
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